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Natalia Manta was born in 1994.
She was admitted early at the age of 16 and before she completed high school under the special provisions in the Athens School of Fine Arts for extraordinary talents.
In her second years of studies she received the prestigious sculpture award in Italy.
She studied under the world renounded sculptor, Giorgos Lappas and also with Afroditi Liti, Giorgo Kazazi and Giannis Psihopaidis.
Immediatetly after receiving her degree in Fine Arts with honors she proceeded to have her first personal exhibition in the prestigious Kappatos Gallery in Athens.
She also recently exhibited her new works at the “ART ATHINA 2018” exhibition.
Since February 2018 she has been working as an assistant professor in the School of Fine Arts in Athens.
She has also taken part in noumerous group exhibitions and several performance projects doing improvisational visual arts.

+30 6932326376

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